Wallin MMA’s Technique: Lars Wallin Teaches An Arm Triangle Escape w/ Multiple Submissions

MMA H.E.A.T. brings you this jiu jitsu technique, courtesy of Wallin MMA’s Lars Wallin. Royce Gracie’s former training partner shows you how to escape an arm triangle and reverse the situation to your advantage, establishing three submissions at once. Having Magnus Samulesson (World’s Strongest Man) as his cousin, Lars has modified numerous techniques so they truly work. Helio Gracie often praised Lars for his originality. If you’d like to train with this black belt you can contact him via Twitter @LarsWallinMMA or his website http://www.LarsWallinMMA.com.

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Comment (34)

  1. Pablo Garza could have beaten Diego Brandao if he knew this technique. Instead, Garza was forced to tap and Brandao earned the arm triangle submission in round 1 of the UFC on FUEL TV: Mousasi vs Latifi card in Sweden.

  2. Hey bud, even though you may have an awesome escape/technique in your repertoire, it doesn't guarantee that it will always work. Factors such as timing, skill level, strength, flexibility, proper execution and reaction time are key to be able to escape a properly executed submission, and sometimes you can be excellent at escaping something and still get caught because (for example) it came to fast or because the guy had a nice counter to your counter . Just my 2 cents.