The 2 Easiest Attacks Against the Turtle Position

Two of the easiest ways to attack the turtle position in BJJ and Judo by Stephan Kesting. Thousands of other videos, articles and techniques by Stephan are available at

Thanks to Rob Biernacki for assisting with this video

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  1. Those are nice. The first one is the one we teach to kids. A real judo guy will handle that one with ease. Probably the second one will catch a lot of guys though. I still think the best one for a judo guy is the judo sankaku from the front. Its mean, its fast and its effective. Thanks for sharing!

  2. My son (8) is learning the variation of the first one for his first kyu grade (it's 6th kyu in Hungray). His hand (that is not infront of the uke) goes for the lapel and he pushes with it, the other hand goes for the elbow or just for the sleeve and pulls with it. As a result he will have his opponent hand locked at the end of the turn.

  3. Mestre you're really great, your knowledge are infinite, I learn a lot watching you. I always watch your videos but I just realized I never subscribed! I did now! I am a Judo guy and there is a guy in our dojo who is like 300 pounds ( picture Brock Lesnar but a bit taller) or so and when he gets there it's almost impossible for me (145 pounds lol) to turn him over. Do you have any tip for me? Besides, if you have other tips to fight him on the ground it's gonna be welcome. To fight him in randori is easier for me, he's kinda slow and if you attack his legs he may fall, I also use lot of Tani Otoshi against him and it's very effective.
    Thanks lots!!! Greetings from Argentina!