Rdojo: Leg Locks for Sambo and Grappling (2007 – 2008)

rdojo grappling coach Reilly Bodycomb and fight team members Chuck Reina, Mike Chesbro, Gil Castillo and Ross Schneiderman demonstrate aggressive leg lock entrances for sambo and submission grappling in practice and in no-gi and freestyle sambo competitions from 2008. to learn more go to www.rdojo.com

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  1. I love using leg locks when sparring at my Krav Maga gym, but I find that putting pressure on the ankle can lead to accidental injury very fast, so I seldom use them unless I'm on my back being attacked by a standing target, and really have no other choice. Do you have any tips for quickly applying enough pressure to make an opponent tap without doing any real damage? I occasionally use them now, but sometimes I'm so gradual in pressure application that they have time to escape or reverse it.

  2. Bjj'er is claiming that bjj is superior to Sambo, WTF. I have never been dominated, nor submitted by BJJ'er, not even black belts. Well, I did have to tap once when a brown belt put his knee on my belly, because I did not want to fart.

    Sambo players on the other hand! I got beaten up and dominated by a brown belt for months, finally my Judo got good enough to resist his throws. We are 5-2 in his favor (no leg locks, leg locks would change the game in his favor). THe black belts are untouchable

  3. All I know is it did not take me that long to adjust my armature wrestling to BJJ.
    They seem to think it is ok to get slammed. Then you have this constant focus on the guard.
    One of these days submission guys are going to learn the point of the bridge and the point positioning.
    I will admit BJJ is good with armlocks and chokes.
    Hey! Has anyone notticed how UFC is devolving?
    It's like they are loosing grappling skills quick!

  4. Why does no one know about heel hooks!!! That's basically my favourite move, I can get into it from many different ways! To be honest, I was taught the basic leg lock and then heel hook. Yes it dangerous since the heel can easily break, but everyone should learn it.