Napoleon escapes from Elba

“On 26 February 1815, when the British and French guard ships were absent, Napoleon slipped away from Portoferraio with some 600 men and landed at Golfe-Juan near Antibes on 1 March 1815.

Marshal Ney, now one of Louis’ key commanders, had said that Napoleon ought to be brought to Paris in an iron cage, but on 14 March, Ney joined Napoleon with 6,000 men. Five days later, after proceeding through the countryside promising constitutional reform and direct elections to an assembly, to the acclaim of gathered crowds the Emperor triumphantly entered the capital, whence Louis XVIII had recently fled.”

From the movie Waterloo.

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  1. Both Hitler and Napoleon was both loved and idols for their people and not least the army. They both did their country to a super power and the were both politicas. Can you imagne a politcan as an idol today?… No one can be as good, now days almost every polticans in every contry are hated and all the movie stars,artists and so on are the idols of the people now Day. They have more influens on the people. The old times are gone, it's going to shit. The new culture and the way to be making this world to shit!! no one can ever be as great as these men again!

  2. A few years prior to this, he'd had all of Europe at his feet; he could have made so many reforms, overthrown the system of monarchies, made such progress, done such good for the world. But all he could think to do was to become an emperor.

  3. This is surely one of the most powerful scenes in movie history. From the focus on his hands fidgeting and the way he starts demonstrating how nervous he is, to the way he refuses to kneel down to pick up the sword but instead waits for one of his men to pick it up, the director perfectly captures the essence of Napoleon completely in this one scene.

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