Submissions 101: Peruvian Necktie

Submissions 101: Peruvian Necktie

Here it is in action: There are several ways and grips to set up the Peruvian Necktie. This is how we do it in the 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu system. You can’t have your hands too tight or they will pop off when you sit back and throw the leg over. This is a […]

Wrestling Killer Single Leg Takedowns for BJJ / MMA

Lyubo Kumbarov, former 4 x Bulgarian National Champion and Wrestling coach at Roger Gracie Academy HQ in London is here filmed by the Warrior Collective giving a tutorial on how to effectively hit and finish single leg takedowns in BJJ or MMA. Thanks for watching, I hope you enjoyed watching this tutorial, please […]

Single-Leg Adductor Rock Back with T-Spine Rotation

Most people have lost the ability to stabilize their pelvis and lumbar spine. This is a problem since the lower portion of the spine is anatomically designed to be stable; it functions best under low amounts of relative movement. Creating super-stiffness at the pillar is nonnegotiable if you’re a lifter. It starts with positioning the […]

Leg Lasso Shrimp Sweep

Here is a leg Lasso sweep with details that WILL immediately improve this sweep as well as a sweet option for when the person knows it is coming and bases out. Every time I do this to someone for the first time, they are like “what was that?”. Be sure to watch the whole video […]

BJJ Tech – Lasso Sweep Variation

AK Athlete Vinicius Agudo shows a nice variation of the lasso guard, usually we sweep with the regular lasso but this time the lasso goes across to the other arm for a very good sweep. Let us know what you guys think and check out our gear at

2013 TNA A.J. Styles Finisher “Calf Killer”

“Calf Killer” A leg slicer (depending on the affected muscle also called for instance calf slicer or thigh crusher) is a compression lock that involves pressing the calf and/or thigh muscle into one of the bones in the leg. Similarly to the biceps slicer, a leg slicer can be applied by inserting an arm or […]

Calf Slicer – MMA Surge, Episode 32

Unlike many of the submissions you master on MMA Surge—arm bars, knee bars, etc—there’s really no risk of breaking something when you execute the Calf Slicer. Don’t let that lull you into a false sense of security—the Calf Slicer is designed for incurring the maximum amount of pain. Mixed martial arts guru Andrew “The Squid” […]