How to Do Leg Locks : Calf Crunch

A calf crunch is another great way to get out of a leg lock battle, but it requires perfecting a pass to gain control of the opponent’s leg. Find out how to brace the opponent’s calf in a lock with helpful tips from a martial arts coach in this free video on submission moves.

Expert: Charles Bishop
Bio: Charles Bishop is a former high school and college wrestler with six years of mixed martial arts experience.

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  1. Ya this doesnt work unless the other guy is a pussy, and i know that sounds ignorant but when i grapple for fun ive done this move when im just messing around and it doesnt do anything, but i might be doing it wrong. who knows.

  2. The first that came to my mind when I saw that pass: Wouldn't it be easier to just go for a kneebar? I just have to turn my hip in and I got it, right? also I think the kneebar is a way safer submission as i probably won't turn into a race (here it might be heel lock vs calf lock or something similar) and I don't have to deal with this pass (which I think might be difficult to pull of in a real match/fight)

  3. is this a parody? if not this is the dumbest shit ever. there's nothing stopping the opponent from grabbing your (in this video) left hand and pulling it off his knee, thus stopping your ability to apply significant pressure. gtfoh.