Fast and easy Side Control Escape – Firas Zahabi

When you find yourself in side control be sure to prevent your opponent from getting the grips he needs to hold you down. By knowing the key grips you will be able to prevent your opponent from establishing a strong position. This will make for an easy escape and possibly also a submission.

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  1. I just tried out these methods tonight, more so with keeping my hands high, and as a blue belt in 10th planet and as a grappler with cerebral palsy. This really made my defense go up to a whole new level. Thank you very, very much.´╗┐

  2. this was working great, but now i find myself getting gift wrapped when going into prayer…maybe i'm going too much on my hip since it looks like firas is flat on his back´╗┐

  3. Sakuraba has almost the same exact move against side control (cross chest position) on his instructional from about 10 years ago. The way Sak uses a hip heist and holds his arms is slightly different – but the arm bar outcome is exactly the same. The strategy is the same: lift the opponent off the chest just enough to put the legs in play.´╗┐

  4. This "inside", or pinched arm thing only happens if you werent slammed, hip thrown, in the middle of a defending situation, the list goes on….

    While I ABSOLUTELY think this is great "short arm" habits for BJJ, and will definitely work if you can create that position under the circumstances you end up in, you still must train the "traditional" side escapes without a doubt.´╗┐