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Closed Guard Sweep Balloon Sweep

The Balloon Sweep is an intermediate to advanced sweep to utilize but an important concept builder for beginners. Against a skilled opponent this sweep can be very, very difficult but the setup is important because it builds perception of weight distribution. Specifically your opponents weight rocking forward onto your hips. If you hit this sweep […]

Closed Guard Sweep Scissor

In this clip I look into the Scissor Sweep from Closed Guard. This is a very basic sweep that most of us learned as white belts but typically stop using as we progress past the beginner ranks. The reason we discard this move is not because it is a terrible move but more so because […]

Closed Guard Sweep Pendulum Sweep

An in depth look at the very basic Pendulum Sweep. This is a very common sweep that is taught to many practitioners in their first few months but requires a lot of good hip movement to truly master. I personally chose to teach this as early as possible because it focuses on those strong fundamentals […]

Closed Guard Sweep and Finish with Rey Diogo Carlson Gracie Indianapolis Jiu Jitsu 916 E. Main St. Suite 111 Greenwood, IN. 46143 317-979-4466 Technique from a seminar with Ricardo “Rey” Diogo on June 5, 2012 at Carlson Gracie Indianapolis Jiu Jitsu.

Abraham Marte Closed Guard Sweep

Abraham Marte shows a closed guard sweep at our SRC 47 event, a secret open mat we hosted at The Grappling Club in Williamsburg, NYC. SRC Seminar with Abraham Marte, Tuesday November 29, 2016 in Park Slope, 7-9pm! Tickets Here: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Website:

Jiu Jitsu – Raspagem da Guarda Fechada com Finalização

Neste vídeo de jiu jitsu apresentamos uma raspagem da guarda fechada, terminando com uma finalização. Esta raspagem da guarda fechada é feita pelo faixa preta de jiu jitsu e faixa coral de Judo sensei Reinaldo Packer da Packer Team. NOSSA LOJA VIRTUAL: Nos siga nas redes sociais Acesse nosso site Assine nosso canal […]