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DNA BJJ – Judo foot sweep for BJJ with drills

Dainis Nguyen is a black belt in BJJ and Judo. He has competed on the world stage in Judo, BJJ and Sambo, and has won numerous medals/superfights making him one of Canada’s most accomplished grapplers. He is the head instructor of Team DNA BJJ which is located at 2001 Thickson Road South, Whitby, Ontario, L1N […]

Fix Your Jiu Jitsu – Ep 15 – Judo Leg Sweeps For Jiu Jitsu | Nick Delpopolo

Check Out My Sponsor Combat Skin for new training gear Check out Nick at his website Twitter @NickforGold Facebook Fix Your Jiu Jitsu is a quick analysis of a common mistake that occurs during Brazilian jiu jitsu competitions. There are numerous factors that can determine your success or failure in competitions; experience, […]