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North South Submission Tie Off to Bow and Arrow

The North/South position can be one of the best places to be. There are plenty of great submission and transition options available. In the last video I covered the Kimura from North/South. This is a very simple and effective submission but it is also very easy to defend against. One of the most annoying defenses […]

North South Submission The Amazing

This Amazing is one of the most powerful submissions from the North/South position. Few people have seen it and the transition into the move is quick and easy to do after you practice it. The setup for this move is the same as the previous North/South videos. Make sure you are dominating correctly and have […]

North South Submission Kimura

The Kimura from North/South can be a very strong submission that works in both Gi and no Gi. I really like this position because it can be difficult to escape. By staying heaving on your opponent’s head and squeezing your knees you have a lot of control and a lot of options. Over the next […]

North South Submission North South Choke

In this video I show a very basic but important choke, the North/South Choke. There are many different theories on the different aspects of this choke. I personally value pressure with with rib cage and making sure you’re moving away from your opponent to spread the chin from his/her neck. The first order of business […]