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Learn Catch Jitsu North South Submission Series Chokes Cranks Armlock & Leglocks Wrestling

Formerly Learn Best How to do MMA UFC Grappling Catch-Jitsu RCW Real Catch Wrestling Jiu-jitsu Techniques Striking Rare Amazing Submissions Subs Submission RCW Wolfman Combatives from Dan The Wolfman! Training in Many different martial arts since 1986 and MMA/Grappling w many many of the world’s best UFC MMA Fighters, Fight Teams, and Grappling/Jiu-jitsu […]

Catch Wrestling Unorthodox Entry to North South Choke Tutorial

Jamie Goulding, head instructor of Gouldings Martial Arts in Bolton is here filmed by the Warrior Collective giving a tutorial on how to execute the north south choke from an unorthodox entry in Catch Wrestling. Thanks for watching, I hope you enjoyed watching this tutorial, please like, share and don’t forget to subscribe […]