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Caio Terra Foot Lock from De La Riva Guard

This is a technique I’ve seen Caio Terra play numerous times in the past few years. He sets up this foot lock from De La Riva guard. Caio plays it in both Gi and No Gi, and has set it up on several opponents including Bruno Malfacine, Fabbio Passios, Daniel Tavares, and Henrique Rezende. Caio […]

Caio Terra: a sweep from the De La Riva guard

Home Caio Terra teaches one of his favorite sweeps when his training and competing no-gi. Take a closer look and learn with one of the most technical black belts in the game. Liked it? Go to and get one month free of online training with Caio.

Reverse De La Riva Pass

Watch our Special FREE Tutorials at Go to our Facebook page for the latest trends in BJJ and MMA. Getting stuck in the Reverse De La Riva Guard when trying to execute a Knee Slice Pass? Professor Gustavo Gasperin shows how to quickly switch your hips and pass the Reverse De La Riva […]

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Reverse de la Riva / X-Guard Sweep 2 (alt angle) Try Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai kickboxing, and MMA at Nexus Martial Arts & Fitness in Wareham, MA. 30 DAY FREE TRIAL! Call 508-295-5427. This is an alternate view of sweep #2 from the reverse de la Riva / reverse x-guard. Nexus Martial Arts & Fitness 14 Kendrick Rd Wareham, MA 02571 (508) 295-5427