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Inverted Half-Guard Sweep | Austin Jiu Jitsu located in North Austin, Texas – Head Coach, Mikal Abdullah shows one of his favorite inverted half-guard sweeps This sweep changes angles pretty fast on the “top-man” and thus is super effective against big, strong, and athletic opponents! Enjoy, subscribe and leave a comment! 🙂 Thanks for the positive vibes and support!

MMA Training: Upside Down Guard Sweep with Matt Mitrione

Learn more from Matt Mitrione: ‘Ultimate Fighter’ alum Matt Mitrione is undefeated in the UFC. Mitrione is here to share his UFC training secrets with you, in your own personal online MMA Training Center! Additional tags: how to fight, mma fighting, self defense training, mma techniques, mma training program, ufc training routine, mma training […]

Inverted Guard into triangle choke video by Jennifer Weintz

Jennifer Weintz shows us how to set-up a triangle choke by going inverted (Inverted guard) when your opponent tries to pass your guard. This is done from an open guard/spider guard. Jennifer is a BJJ Brown belt and a Pan American medalist who actively completes internationally. For more great video’s go to Find us […]

Inverted Guard Progression Drills for All Levels

Inverted Guard Progression Drills By: Brearin Land – Gracie Barra Headquarters Instructor I was finding that a number of students were asking me how to improve their open guards and guard recovery during private lessons. We’d spend 10-15 minutes trying to get them to figure out the wall drill so I developed a 3 […]