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Submission Escape with Erik Paulson at Joslin’s MMA – The place…Joslin’s MMA, The guest instructor….Erik Paulson…The Technique…an escape from the kimura. Want to learn some MMA technique? Want KO Power? Click on the link in the top left corner of this description box for access to get Jeff Joslin’s FREE EBook “Developing the KO Punch!”

23 BJJ Positional Escapes In Just 11 Min – Side Control, Scarf Hold, Modified Scarf Hold Escapes

875+ BJJ Tech Demos – Detailed Escapes at: – This video is part 1 of a 4 part positional escape reference series by Jason Scully. In this part you’ll find demonstrations of side control escapes, scarf hold escapes (kesa gatame escapes), and modified scarf hold escapes (kazure kesa gatame escapes). PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO […]

26 BJJ Positional Escapes In 13 Min – Reverse Scarf Hold, North South, Knee on Belly – Scully

875+ BJJ Tech Demos – – Detailed videos will be on – In this video Jason Scully shares part 2 of his 4 part positional escape reference series. He demonstrates Reverse Scarf Hold Escapes, North South Escapes, and Knee On Belly Escapes. These are just some of many escaping techniques that are […]