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6 BJJ Armbar Drills with 3 Corkscrew Finishes

In this video I share a few of the BJJ armbar drills I’ve been practicing recently. Chaining together submission after submission in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu leads to a nasty offensive style that makes people uncomfortable. The armbar drills in the video are really simple. But there’s beauty in the simplicity. On Sundays I work with a […]

7 Armbar Drills From Side Control And Knee On Belly In this video I show 7 Armbar Drills from Side Control and Knee On Belly position. I start with the basic shin in armbar and a couple of other variations. Then I move into a combination of knee on belly, passing and sweeping leading into the armbar. You can substitute any of the passing […]

7 BJJ Back Step Drills And Submissions In this video I show 7 different techniques that you can use with the back step in BJJ. I start from the simplest of solo movements and show several quick submissions that can be taken from the position. I really enjoy using the back step. It allows me to create a scramble preemptively. Whereas […]

Exercicios e treino de queda Para Luta Olimpica/ wrestling Drills – Glendora Martial Arts School – 626-335-4971 – Walnut Martial Arts School – 626-238-3309 Wrestling Product Nesse video Prof. Renato da Academia Sampa BJJ em Los Angeles Mostra Exercicios e treino de queda Para Luta Olimpica/ wrestling Drills: 1. Exercicio pra aperfeicoar/conectar a tecnica de single leg,Double Leg e High C. 2. Variacao […]